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Notes on the Library

Some volumes have been archived. This means that they will not be brought to playing days or the Wollongong Camp unless specifically requested.

Should you wish to use an archived volume at a playing day, please contact the librarian.

Enter the number of each instrument to search in the appropriate field, or '*' for any number.

Members have considerable collections of music of their own, which can be of benefit to the society as a whole. So, you will see that there are sections to the library. The ACMS library is listed first, followed by members' personal libraries.

Should you wish to use music from a member's library, you should contact that member directly. The members' register gives the contact details; they will not be listed here. Use of the music is strictly at the member's discretion and their goodwill.

Should you wish to participate in this virtual library, please contact the Webmaster.