Music Library

ACMS has a substantial library of chamber music - please browse. 

(Note that the file catalogues may not be up to date)

The main reason for the Library's existence is its availability for Playing Days and the annual Music Camp.  However, music can be borrowed between Playing Days but it must be returned before the Playing Day if the member is not attending that day, or on the day itself, before the first playing session. As Playing Days are normally up to 2 months apart, this provides the borrower with an adequate borrowing period. The Librarian will advise the borrower of the latest date by which the item must be returned.  Music can also be 'reserved' for a particular event in which you are enrolled - see below.

Reservation of Music

Music can be reserved for a particular event if you are enrolled in that event.  To reserve, sign in to Members Area and go to Library Reservations.

Borrowing Procedure

Borrowing is a privilege reserved for members so you need to Join Us . Once you have your membership please contact the Librarian as follows:

Phone and Postal Address: Log in to your member's account. Use the "Committee" link to view the Librarian's details.

Email: Librarian

To request an item of music from the library please first Sign In and go to ACMS Library.  Please then contact the librarian to advise the item and your address.

Items will be posted using Registered Mail, and the postage charged to the borrower. Items should be returned using Registered Mail at the borrower's expense. Insurance coverage up to $75 is included in Registered Mail charge.

Borrower's Responsibilities and Liabilities & Returns

  1. Librarian will advise borrower of deadline for returns.
  2. Deadline will normally be 5 days prior to the Playing Day.
  3. Borrower must ensure that item reaches the Librarian by the deadline.
  4. Late returns will incur a fee of $15 per work.
  5. On a second occurrence of late return, the member will forfeit all future borrowing privileges.

Damage or Loss

  1. Music must not be marked - no fingerings, bowings, etc.
  2. If any item is defaced, damaged or lost the borrower will be required to reimburse ACMS with the cost of replacing the complete work with a new copy (copied parts are not acceptable).
  3. If damage or loss is incurred during the postal process, the borrower will be required to reimburse ACMS immediately - it is not prepared to wait until the borrower obtains compensation from the Post Office.
  4. The Librarian will check the music after its arrival and will advise the borrower within seven (7) days if there is a claim for damage or loss.


It is unlawful to copy music that is still under copyright, nor is it lawful to reproduce published music without the express permission of the publisher. Although having access to a library such as ours may provide a temptation to copy and save money, doing so is tantamount to stealing. We urge our members not to be tempted to break the law.